Best Wine For Thanksgiving

Best Wine For Thanksgiving

The best wine for Thanksgiving is the one you LOVE most. However, since you’re asking, we have a few recommendations for you. 🙂

A typical Thanksgiving menu consists of roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pecan and/or pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, a salad and so on. It is a little bit challenging to get through this sumptuous menu on a single wine..unless it’s Champagne or sparkling wine.

Champagne and sparkling wines have that elusive sense of occasion, they are a super-hit at parties, family dinners and other festivities. Plus, the effervescence of sparking wine is excellent for cleansing the palate. Champagne is a very pleasant and classy aperitif and the notes and aromas are bold enough to go along with main courses as well.

So there you have it...if you were looking for a short and quick answer on what’s the best wine for Thanksgiving, it’s Champagne. If you wanted a slightly longer and more elaborate answer, read on...

Best White Wines For Thanksgiving:

  • Riesling: Even though the nature of Riesling can range from sweet to very dry, the base flavors of apple, honey and apricot work very well with sweet potatoes, herby stuffing/dressing and spices. Riesling is the perfect pairing for sweet, salty or spicy foods.
  • Pinot Grigio: The primary notes of Pinot Grigio are lemon, lime, apple and pear. It has enough acidity to cut through fatty dishes and pairs nicely with onions, garlic, herbs and rich sauces.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: This wine is crispy and citrusy – few other wines match so immaculately with roast turkey and mashed potatoes.

Best Red Wines For Thanksgiving:

  • Shiraz: This wine is complex and the peppery flavor is quite dominant, making this an exceptional pairing with herbs as well as the lean and fatty parts of the turkey.
  • Zinfandel: This is a top pick for Thanksgiving and recommended by almost all wine aficionados and experts. The hearty, intense nature of Zinfandel easily handles spicy, sweet and bitter notes.
  • Pinot Noir: This is a Thanksgiving classic; you cannot go wrong with it. The earthy and ‘mushroomy’ notes of Pinot Noir compliment the traditional flavors of turkey and stuffing.

Other Options:

Here are a few other alternatives that go especially well with the sweet, spicy and caramel flavors of pumpkin and pecan pie.

  • Sherry
  • Fortified Wines like Port
  • Late Harvest wine (This type of wine is exposed to the Sun for a longer time and hence it is sweeter than average)

You now have enough wine choices to make Thanksgiving a grand success!

Do remember to drink responsibly.

  • August 14, 2019
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