21 Of The Best Dry Red Wine Types You MUST Try

21 Of The Best Dry Red Wine Types You MUST Try

Wine tasting is one of the popular hobbies across the world and people take it as a profession as well.

There are various types of wines out there and we cannot hope to try every single type available. But what we can do is to share our wine preferences with others and enjoy to our heart's content!

Dry Red Wine Types - Here Are 21 of My Favorites

Here I am going to list some red dry wine types that I love - both for personal consumption as well as gifts for my near and dear ones.

1. Vintage Port Wine

One of the best red dry wine types, this type is also referred to as "Real Port" by many connoisseurs around the world. It comes from Douro Valley in Portugal and has a long history which dates back more than 200 years.

In fact, it has been declared as the "National Drink" of Portugal! This is a high quality wine that goes best with different types of cheeses.

2. Petite Sirah Wine 

One of the grape varieties used in making wines, Petite Sirah is also known to produce some excellent red dry wines which happen to be extremely popular and well sought after in many countries around the globe.

It is one of the few wines which can stand up against heavy meat dishes like steak and sausages while at the same time improving its flavor and taste.

3. Cabernet Sauvignon 

This type of wine comes from the Bordeaux region in France and is considered to be one amongst all red dry wines (both French and international) available across the globe.

It can be considered as one amongst all red dry wines (both French and international) available across the globe.

A fine wine that it is, this type is also referred to as "The King of Red Wines". Just like Port Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon too has a long history of more than 2 centuries!

4. Malbec 

This Argentinean wine originated from France and was only introduced in Argentina by Cahors settlers of French origin back in 1785.

Since then, this grape variety has been used extensively for the production of some excellent quality wines which have found their way to many countries outside Argentina, namely Uruguay, Brazil and North America during late 19th Century. Today, Argentina is considered to be the largest producer of Malbec wines in the world.

5. Pinot Noir From Champagne

France comes this red dry wine which has a characteristic fruity flavor and taste due to the presence of cherry notes in it. The grape used for this type of wine is known by different names such as Gamay Noir, Auxerrois and Peurion etc., depending upon the geographical location from where it was sourced from. Pinot noir red dry wine can be served best at room temperature or slightly chilled with cheese-based dishes like Brie, Camembert and Roquefort cheeses. It goes equally well with desserts made from fruits like cherries, blueberries raspberries!

6. Zinfandel

This type of wine is produced from a variety of grape known as Uva di Troia which was brought to America by Italian immigrants during the late 19 th century. These wines are characterized by an excessive amount of spice and tanginess that can be attributed to their "wild" nature. Some popular brands producing this wine include White Zinfandel, Red Zin and Pink Zinfandel!

7. Shiraz / Syrah 

This red dry wine originated from France where it was cultivated extensively in Rhone Valley during the Middle Ages. From here, it spread across Australia and New Zealand and later on entered California and Oregon in North America after 1960s.

The taste of this wine varies with its age but generally exhibits strong fruity flavor and taste. This is not only an excellent red dry wine but also one of the few wines that can be served with most types of meat dishes like steak, lamb and chicken!

8. Pinotage Wine 

From South Africa comes this unique type of wine which is made using Pinot Noir grape variety along with another grape variety known as Cinsaut. Pinot noir is widely used in making grapes for Cabernet Sauvignon while Cinsault are commonly used to make wines from Clairette blanche grapes.

The resulting wine exhibits a dark color accompanied by strong flavor notes of black fruit, cherry etc., which makes it one among all red dry wines available across the globe!

9. Brunello di Montalcino 

From Tuscany, Italy comes this type of red dry wine which literally translates to "The Little Dark One from Montalcino" in English. Since 1992, this grape variety is allowed to be used solely for the production of Brunello di Montalcino wines under the laws passed by European Union authorities.

The best part about these wines are its unique earthy flavor notes which literally goes well with anything starting from cheeses to fish based delicacies and meats like lamb and beef!

10. Nebbiolo 

This red dry wine hails from northern parts of Italy around Piedmont region and boasts a very intense aroma and flavor due to higher levels of tannin (a chemical compound found abundantly in grape skins) as compared to other red wines.

Hence, this wine is meant for long term aging (usually after 10 years of vintage) which helps in mellowing down the taste and bringing out all those hidden flavors, making it one among must try dry wines!

11. Zweigelt 

This red dry wine is a cross between Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent grapes which were first cultivated around Austro-Hungarian border regions of Hungary, Austria and Slovakia during 1920s.

Since it exhibits strong fruity aroma, this type of wine made from Zweigelt grape variety is best served as an aperitif with lighter dishes at room temperature or slightly chilled!

12. Touriga Nacional 

Touriga Nacional red dry wine hails from Portugal where it was first introduced into the country's soil by Moors during 800 AD. These wines are characterized by their peppery taste along with intense flavor notes of plum, blackberry etc., making them good to consume when served slightly chilled!

13. Nero d'Avola 

This red dry wine is grown in Sicily, Italy and made from the popular grape variety known as Nero d'Avola (literally translating to Black of Avola in English).

It is typically produced by fermenting the grapes for 3-4 days with one or two rackings at regular intervals. Since it exhibits flavors like blackberries, dark cherries etc., this type of wine is usually added to beef based dishes and even barbeque ribs!

14. Nebbiolo di Langhe 

Nebbiolo di Langa red dry wines are mainly cultivated in Piedmont region around Langhe town which lies within UNESCO's World Heritage Site list. These wines have a deep ruby red color and a complex bouquet with flavors of red cherries, raspberries etc., making them perfect for pairing with grilled food items.

15. Valpolicella 

Valpolicella is one among world's most popular red dry wines which are mainly cultivated in Veneto region of Italy around Verona.

These wines boast a deep dark ruby color along with predominant fruity flavor notes of black cherries, plums etc., making them excellent to pair up with meat dishes or even some creamy pastas!

16. Grignolino 

This type of wine hails from Piedmont region within Italian soil and claims to be one among very few naturally sweet types of wine available across the globe. It packs a punch when it comes to its acidic nature and is normally used as an aperitif or for pairing with antipasti like prosciutto, salami and even grissini (breadsticks).

17. Douro Valley Touriga Nacional

This red wine is produced all across the Douro Valley regions of Portugal and has been declared as one among UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2001.

These wines boast flavors like blackberries, blueberries etc., which makes it an excellent accompaniment to dishes with dark meat like mutton, beef etc.!

18. Mourvèdre 

Ever heard about Côtes du Rhône Villages? Well let us tell you that it falls under the category of Mourèdre red dry wines, which is basically a cross between Grenache and Syrah grapes.

These wines boast flavors like black plums, pepper and even spices and can be paired up with some smoky flavored delicacies including grilled items like lamb chops etc.!

19. Blaufränkisch 

This red dry wine hails from eastern parts of Austria around Rust & Aichach regions where it is primarily cultivated from Blaufränkisch grape variety. Being slightly bubbly in nature, this type of wine is more or less similar to French Champagne across the globe due to their fruity flavor notes along with low alcohol level!

20. Godello 

Godello red dry wines are mainly produced in Galicia district of Spain around Valdeorras region and boast a pale greenish hue along with distinct aroma of green apples, apricots etc.

These wines are best served slightly chilled with a slice of lime on the edge of the glass!

21. Grenache 

This red wine hails from Spain and is known for its deep copper color which is attributed by its high levels of anthocyan content.

In order to enjoy this rich smelling dry red wine, you can pair it up with grilled meat items or even some cheese platters!

In closing, we can simply state that dry red wines are perfect accompaniment for grilled food items due to their intense flavor notes along with low alcohol levels.

Also, these wines are known for their ability to accentuate the smoky aroma of grilled meat and fish!

Eventually, you will notice that dry red wines tend to become less fruity with each passing year so do not forget to store them in cool dark areas after uncorking the bottle!


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