December 18, 2023

The Best Winter Wines_ Cozy and Comforting Choices

Did you know 65% of wine lovers prefer full-bodied reds in winter?

You’re about to discover the coziest, most comforting winter wines. We’ll delve into robust reds, decadent dessert wines, and surprisingly delightful winter whites.

You’ll learn how to pair them with your hearty winter meals and festive occasions.

So, get ready to uncork your new favorite wines—it’s time to warm up your winter nights.

Rich, Full-Bodied Reds

Why not warm up this winter with a rich, full-bodied red wine that’s as robust and comforting as a cozy fireplace?

The Reds’ aging process is a fascinating journey of transformation. As you uncork a bottle, you’re tasting years of patience and meticulous care. Tannin influence plays a pivotal role in this process, adding complexity and structure to the wine. Tannins are found in the skins, seeds, and stems of grapes and when properly managed, they contribute to a wine’s longevity, providing you with a luscious drink that’s worth the wait.

Decadent Dessert Wines

After savoring a full-bodied red, you’ll find dessert wines offer a sweet, decadent finish to your winter evening. These wines, with their dessert wine origins, trace back to ancient civilization’s celebrations.

Consider these aspects when choosing your dessert wine:

  • The serving temperature impact on the flavors, as chilling emphasizes the sweetness and acidity.
  • The production method, whether it’s through noble rot, ice wine method, or fortification.
  • The grape variety used, ranging from Moscato to Riesling, each offering unique flavor profiles.

You’re not just selecting a wine, you’re embracing a rich history and a complex creation process.

Surprising Winter Whites

In the heart of winter, you’ll be surprised by the comforting warmth white wines can bring to your table. Exploring global whites uncovers delightful options like an unctuous French Viognier or a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. They offer an enticing balance of acidity, coaxing out vibrant flavors that pair well with hearty winter dishes.

A winter rosé alternative, such as a Grenache Blanc, provides a medium-bodied treat, caressing your palate with subtle fruit notes and a velvety finish. These winter whites aren’t only surprising but offer freedom in their versatility. Whether you’re enjoying a fireside dinner or a lively winter party, they’re the cozy, comforting choices that’ll make your winter nights memorable.

Pairing Wines With Winter Meals

So, what wines should you consider when planning your winter meals? The answer lies in understanding the flavors of your dishes and the unique characteristics of various wines.

For winter seafood pairings, consider a crisp white wine. Its acidity will complement the richness of seafood, enhancing your dining experience.

  • A Chardonnay for lobster or crab
  • A Sauvignon Blanc for clams or mussels
  • A Pinot Grigio for white fish

For hearty stew accompaniments, a full-bodied red wine can stand up to the robust flavors.

  • A Cabernet Sauvignon for beef stew
  • A Syrah for lamb or venison stew
  • A Merlot for vegetable stews

Remember the key is to balance, not overpower, your meal’s taste with your wine choice.

Wines for Festive Occasions

When it comes to festive occasions, you’ll find a myriad of wines that can elevate your celebrations to new heights.

Begin with Holiday Sparklers, the effervescent answer to the call of celebration. They’re versatile, pairing well with a range of dishes, and their bubbly nature adds a festive touch.

For a warmer choice, embrace the Mulled Wine Magic. This spicy, aromatic beverage can be made from a range of red wines, and its warming qualities make it ideal for winter celebrations. Its potent mix of spices and fruits not only warms you from the inside, but also fills your home with a comforting aroma.

Choosing the right wine can amplify your festive experiences, allowing you the freedom to explore and indulge in the true spirit of the season.


So, you’ve discovered the best winter wines, from robust reds to unexpected whites, and even indulgent dessert options. Truly, your winter will be as warm and cozy as a log cabin by a crackling fire.

You’ve also learned how to pair these wines with hearty meals and festive events. So, pop a cork, pour a glass, and bask in the comforting embrace of these winter-perfect wines.

After all, nothing quite warms the soul like a good glass of wine.

About the author 

Karina Kahale

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. After years of travel, exploration, and education, I founded Underground Wine Merchants in 2019.

Currently, I work as a sommelier at a fine dining restaurant here in Hawaii. I pursued my education at the prestigious ICE Sommelier Institute in Los Angeles, which has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to excel in my profession.

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