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wine and chocolate pairings

Discover the Perfect Wine and Chocolate Pairings for Your Next Get-Together

Welcome to the world of chocolate and wine pairing! Ever wanted to try something new for your next get-together?

Why not explore the art of crafting delicious combinations with these two delightful treats?

From classic pairings like dark chocolate and bold red wines to more creative ideas such as white chocolate with stickies, this article will help you discover the perfect wine and chocolate pairings for your next gathering.

Discover delightful flavors combined with polyphenols, or explore traditional dessert wines and ports that pair perfectly with chocolate desserts. With a few tips and pointers, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect blend of sweetness and body that creates an unforgettable moment.

Short Summary

  • Create delightful and surprising wine and chocolate pairings for an unforgettable experience.

  • Enjoy robust red and white wines with dark chocolate, and sweet dessert wines with white chocolate.

  • Experiment with different combinations of chocolates and wines to find the perfect flavor combination.

The Basics of Wine and Chocolate Pairing

The key to a successful pairing of wine and chocolate is to make sure the wine is sweeter than the chocolate.

When selecting a wine, it’s important to find the right balance of sweetness, with full-bodied wines creating a delightful contrast.

Young, ripe, dry reds and fortified red wines can be wonderful options for pairing with chocolate, as can sweet wines such as Port, Madeira, sherry, Marsala, sweet vermouth, ice wine, Moscato d’Asti, late harvest riesling, and cream sherry.

Exploring wine and chocolate pairings can be a great way to discover your own unique preferences.

Unconventional matches can be especially rewarding, and it’s fun to experiment with different combinations of flavors and textures.

Whether you’re a wine lover or a chocolate lover, pairing the two together can create an unforgettable experience.

With the right tips and advice, you can create great pairings that will delight and surprise your guests.

Milk Chocolate

chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate

The creamy richness of milk chocolate makes it a perfect pairing for wine, creating a delightful combination of flavors. Light red or sweet white wines are the ideal pairing for a delectable milk chocolate indulgence. Portuguese port or Madeira wine also makes a delightful combination, as does sparkling wine for a truly special occasion.

Pinot Noir is a truly unique red wine, boasting a light-bodied structure with high acidity and low tannins.

Its flavor profile is truly remarkable, featuring delightful notes of red fruit like cherry and raspberry, as well as subtle earthy and spicy undertones.

Merlot is a truly delightful red wine, boasting a medium-bodied texture with moderate tannins and medium acidity. Its flavor profile is truly unique, featuring notes of black fruit such as plum and black cherry, with hints of chocolate and coffee for an extra layer of complexity.

On the other hand, Riesling is a delightful white wine that is light-bodied, yet full of flavor. It has a refreshingly high acidity and a low alcohol content, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. Its unique flavor profile includes notes of citrus fruits like lemon and lime, as well as hints of floral and honey.

Muscat is a delightful white wine with a low acidity and high alcohol content, making it a unique and enjoyable experience. Its flavor profile is full of ripe fruit notes, such as peach and apricot, and sometimes even hints of floral and spice.

Portuguese port or Madeira wine is truly unique – it’s a fortified wine with a high alcohol content and a sweet, rich flavor that is sure to tantalize the taste buds. It’s also known for its delicious dried fruit notes, such as raisins and figs, as well as its nutty and caramel notes.

Sparkling wine is a delightful treat, boasting a light-bodied texture, a refreshingly high acidity, and a delightful effervescence. Its flavor profile is a delightful mix of citrusy notes, such as lemon and green apple, and sometimes even a hint of yeasty or toasty notes.

All in all, it’s a truly unique and enjoyable experience!

For an extra special treat, Banyuls wine is a delightful pairing for chocolate desserts with a zesty citrus twist. This unique fortified wine from the Roussillon region of southern France boasts a delightful combination of juicy red fruit, citrus, herbs, licorice, and chocolate notes that make it a truly special and enjoyable experience.

Tawny port is another truly unique fortified wine, produced in Portugal’s Douro Valley and aged to perfection in wood. Its complex flavor profile features delightful notes of nut, coffee, orange, and honey, making it a truly exquisite experience.

Lastly, the sweet notes of Brachetto d’Acqui are perfectly complemented by indulgent desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries or any chocolate-based treats that highlight the freshness of fruits and berries.

This Italian red wine made from the Brachetto grape in the Piedmont region is known for its delightful aromas of rose, ripe berries, candied red fruit, orange, herb, spice, and chocolate – a truly delightful combination that is sure to please any palate.

Dark Chocolate

strawberries, chocolate, food

The intense complex flavors of dark chocolate make it an ideal partner for the bold, full-bodied flavors of robust red wines and fortified wines such as Shiraz, Syrah, Zinfandel, Madeira, Sherry, Port, Marsala, and Sweet Vermouth.

Balancing bitterness is the key to achieving the perfect harmony between the two flavors, allowing each to be enjoyed to its fullest potential.

Dark chocolates from brands such as Valrhona, Lindt, Godiva, and Endangered Species offer truly scrumptious bars that will tantalize your taste buds. The bitterness of dark chocolate is perfectly complemented by the sweet and fruity notes of these wines.

Dark chocolate can also offer a pleasant contrast to the bright acidity of white wine. With a bit of experimentation, you can easily find the perfect pairings to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

White Chocolate

White chocolate is a delightful variation of chocolate made without cocoa nibs but with a minimum of 20 percent cocoa butter .

That cocoa butter creates a unique flavor that pairs particularly well with certain sweet dessert wines, like ice wine, Moscato d’Asti, late harvest riesling, and cream sherry.

If you’re looking for brands that make delicious white chocolate, Green and Black and Askinosie are two excellent companies to choose from . White chocolate is an indulgent treat, and when paired with the right wine, it can be a truly unforgettable experience for chocolate lovers.

DIY Pairings

The concept of DIY Pairings is to explore the exciting possibilities of pairing Green and Black’s chocolate with different types of wine, and discovering your own unique flavor preferences!

A great place to begin is by picking up some of Green and Black’s exquisite premium chocolate bars. It’s sure to be a delightful experience!

Exploring different wine and chocolate pairings can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Discovering the perfect combinations of wine and chocolate can open up a whole new world of flavor!

You can mix and match lighter-bodied wines with white or milk chocolate, or match darker wines with dark chocolates.

There are a few exceptions, such as vintage port or ruby port, but for the most part, pairing wine with chocolate follows the same general rules.

Wine lovers can experiment with different pairings to find their own personal palate preferences.

With a few helpful pairing tips and some trial and error, you can make some truly great pairings.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to pairing wine with chocolate – so go ahead and explore!

6 Deliciously Sweet Wines To Pair With Chocolate

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The intention of this section is to offer insight into the best sweet wines to enjoy with chocolate for a truly delightful experience.

Dessert wines are truly unique – their sweetness adds a delightful touch to any dessert, and when paired with chocolate, the combination is simply divine!

The 6 delectably sweet wines that perfectly complement chocolate are fortified wines such as Madeira, sherry, port, Marsala, and sweet vermouth, as well as Australian Stickies – all sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Fortified wines such as Madeira, sherry, port, and Marsala are full-bodied and sweet, offering rich flavors of dried fruit, nuts, and spices.

Sweet vermouth is a dryer option with hints of herbs, spices, and caramel. Australian Stickies, on the other hand, are sweeter and offer a range of flavors including toffee, dried fruit, jam, hazelnut, and spice.

Nutty chocolate like peanut butter cups or Italian gianduja, a deliciously creamy hazelnut spread, and sugary chocolate desserts are the perfect accompaniments to stickies.

Whether you’re a wine lover or a chocolate lover, these wines are sure to make a great pairing!

Fantastic Chocolate And Wine Pairings To Try At Home

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The secret to a perfect pairing lies in the polyphenols, the delightful chemical compounds found in both wine and chocolate! Polyphenols can add a delightful bitterness to the taste, making it more complex and enjoyable! As any wine lover knows, the perfect pairing of wine and chocolate can be a truly delightful experience.

To experience this unique flavor combination, start by selecting the right wine for your chocolate.

Milk chocolates pair best with sparkling wines, dark chocolates pair best with a full-bodied red such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, and white chocolates pair best with a sweet, fruity white wine.

Fortified wines such as Madeira, sherry, port, Marsala, or sweet vermouth are the ideal choice to pair with nutty chocolates. For those looking to add a bit of zest to their pairing, try adding dried or fresh fruit to your chocolates. This can be a great way to bring out the flavors of the wine.

For wine lovers looking to really impress their guests, why not try something different and pair your favorite chocolates with an ice wine, or a glass of Demi-sec cremant like De Chanceny for a special treat?

With so many delicious possibilities to explore, the possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re looking to impress at a fine restaurant, or just want to enjoy a night in with a great pairing, exploring these fantastic chocolate and wine pairings will surely leave you feeling satisfied. So don’t forget to explore the wonderful world of chocolate and wine pairings, and indulge in this unique and delicious combination!


From the classic pairing of red wine and dark chocolate to the more unusual combinations of white chocolate and luscious sweet wines, the possibilities for creating delicious and surprising chocolate and wine pairings are truly endless.

Whether you’re interested in a low-key evening of DIY Pairings with your own bottle of wine and box of chocolates or you’ll be sipping Australian Stickies alongside bold Dark chocolates – you can create an unforgettable experience that perfectly complements both oenophiles and chocoholics alike.

Don’t be afraid to explore the wonderful flavor combinations you can discover when it comes to pairing wine and chocolate.

With the right tips, knowledge, and advice, you can create something truly special that everyone can enjoy together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What wine goes well with chocolate?

When pairing with dark chocolate, you can’t go wrong with Zinfandel or a Vintage Port. Both bring out the spicier notes of the chocolate while delivering their own touch of fruit and tannins to round things out.

Enjoy exploring the complex layers of flavor between wine and chocolate!

How to do a wine and chocolate pairing?

To achieve the perfect wine and chocolate pairing, it’s important to find a harmony between the richness of a certain type of wine and the sweetness of the chocolate. Lighter wines paired with lighter chocolates, while bolder reds should be matched up with darker chocolates that have a richer flavor profile.

With this in mind, you’ll quickly be able to master the art of pairing wine and chocolate for a truly enjoyable experience.

Do you drink red wine with chocolate?

Yes, you can drink red wine with chocolate! Certain varietals such as Merlot, Zinfandel, and Valpolicella Ripasso are excellent candidates to pair with dark chocolates. These full-bodied wines will offer a touch of sweetness and low tannin that beautifully contrasts the intense flavor of dark chocolate.

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