June 21, 2023

NewAir began its journey over 15 years ago. Luke Peters, the founder of NewAir, began by selling portable air conditioners and coolers from his garage. Today, the company is a leader in the small appliances niche and has been featured in multiple press publications such as Forbes, Men’s Health, Esquire and so on.

Since NewAir’s inception, the focus has always been on product quality and customer satisfaction. According to Luke, these form the backbone of a successful business.

The Top Newair Wine Coolers

New Air manufacturers a number of wine coolers and refrigerators with varying features. We’ve reviewed some of the most popular NewAir wine coolers below.

1) NewAir AWR-1600DB Premier Gold Series 160 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

 NewAir Wine Cooler AWR-1600DB Premier Gold Series 160 Bottle Built-In

This is one of the best wine coolers for avid wine lovers and collectors. It has front ventilation and hence can be installed flush with surrounding cabinets or can be used as a free-standing cooler. The bespoke beech wood shelves with gold interior lighting make it quite a looker!

We Like:

  • Display your wine collection in style – gold interior lighting is rare compared to the ubiquitous blue and feels premium
  • Powerful compressor cooling technology. Temperature range of 40 to 66° F.
  • Intuitive Push Buttons with digital display enable users to set temperature/lighting within seconds
  • The 15 beech wood 3-rail sliding shelves glide smoothly and all the way forward – this makes it easier to load and unload premium wine bottles without scratching
  • Dual zone cooling for red and white wine – store wines at the perfect serving temperature.
  • Triple layered glass with smoke tint lends a premium touch and protects your precious wine collection from potentially damaging UV rays.

We Don’t Like:

  • Shelves are a bit tight for Burgundy bottles. You can accommodate them but the total loading capacity with go down with larger bottles.
  • Compressor cooled units are not as silent as those featuring thermometric technology

This is a very solid wine refrigerator; does almost everything right and it’s exquisite looks will dazzle guests.

Cost is a bit high but you do get a lot of cooler for the price.

We recommend this model for people who want to store wine in the right conditions and wish to enjoy it without compromising on taste and aroma.

2) NewAir AWR-1160DB 116 Bottle​ Stand-Alone Wine Cooler

NewAir Wine Cooler AWR-1160DB  116 Bottle

This ​NewAir Wine Cooler certainly does not disappoint in the aesthetics department. The Beech wood shelves and stainless steel/black trim make sure that the wine cooler blends in seamlessly with any décor.

We Like:

  • Dual zone cooling. Upper zone has a temperature range of 40 to 50° F while the bottom zone can be adjusted between 50 to 66°F. Store white and reds at the perfect temperature.
  • The unit has front facing vents and hence it’s suitable for both free-standing as well as built-in installation.
  • Easy to access push button controls and digital display. Set temperature and adjust lighting in a breeze.
  • 11 three-rail sliding wooden shelves offer better-than-average extension, making it easy to load and unload bottles without much hassle.
  • Triple layered glass panel has a smoky tint to protect against harsh lighting and harmful UV rays
  • Gold interior lighting with two brightness settings enables you to display your wine collection in style
  • Powerful compressor works very well even in hot environments. (Still, it makes sense to place the wine cooler in a dry and relatively cool place as this lowers power consumption)

We Don’t Like:

  • Compressor cooling is not 100% silent
  • Bigger, wider bottles Pinot-Noir do fit in the cooler but you might have to remove a shelf. This impacts total holding capacity.

The NewAir AWR-1160DB is a high quality wine cooler. Wine aficionados will appreciate it’s premium build quality and impeccable design.

3) NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler ​- Holds 22 Bottles and 70 Cans

 NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Beverage Cooler, Built-in Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine, Holds 22 Bottles and 70 Cans

This newair wine cooler is great for those who appreciate wine as well as a good lager. Has two zones with independent temperature settings. The upper zone is meant for beer/soda while the lower zone is dedicated to wine.

We Like:

  • Works equally well as a free-standing or built-in cooler, thanks to front ventilation.
  • Upper (beer) zone can be adjusted between 36 to 50° F while lower (wine) zone, between 55 to 66° F. The upper zone can also be used to store white wine as it is usually served at a lower temperature than red.
  • The racks slide out smoothly. Blue interior LED lighting looks futuristic, especially along with the stainless steel trim.
  • Clever ‘SPLITSHELF’ design enables users to place a modular half shelf where it’s needed most. This helps to utilize space more efficiently – cans can be double stacked and bigger bottles are no more an issue.
  • Effective and powerful compressor cooling.
  • Lock and key system keeps drinks out of the reach of curious teens and kids.

We Don’t Like:

Existing customers complain that the upper section does not make the beer ice cold as some people prefer it. Ideally, a quality beer should be served between 42 and 48° F (6 to 9° C).

Anything below that is too cold and connoisseurs will not be able to appreciate the taste. However, having said all that, this is a matter of individual taste. If you prefer your beer ice-cold, then please look at a conventional fridge or freezer.

This is a versatile beverage cooler and we recommend it as long as you’re happy with the temperature ranges.

​4) NewAir AWR-460DB Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, Dual Zone 46 Bottle Capacity​

NewAir Wine Cooler (Built-In) and Refrigerator, Dual Zone 46 Bottle Capcity Fridge with Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door, AWR-460DB

This 46 bottle newair wine cooler features a front venting compressor, which makes it suitable for free-standing or flush-with-cabinetry installation.

We Like:

  • Dual zone compressor cooling for red and white wine. Temperature can be adjusted between 40 to 66 F.
  • The beech wood shelves make for an upscale look. Stainless steel trim is practical and easy to maintain. Blue LED lighting allows you to display your precious wine collection with panache.
  • Easy to use control panel. Adjust temperature within seconds.
  • Radiant cooling system ensures even distribution of temperature throughout that specific cooling zone. No hot spots.
  • Usually, compressor cooled refrigerators are a little noisy. However, this model is equipped with NewAir’s whisper quiet technology and hence, it is very quiet at only 39 decibels.
  • Shelves extend far to facilitate convenient loading of bottles without scratching the labels. A shelf can be removed if necessary (if storing several larger bottles).
  • Triple layered glass door is reversible has a lock to keep out unwanted hands. Glass panels protect wine from UV rays.

We Don’t Like:

  • Many users have reported performance issues after a few days of usage.
  • While it is hard to ignore the fact that there have been multiple instances of malfunction, this unit does come with in-house warranty and repair service.

​5) NewAir AWR-190SB Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, 19 Bottle Capacity ​

NewAir Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, 19 Bottle Capcity Fridge with Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door, AWR-190SB

Just like most other NewAir refrigerators, this compact ​newair wine cooler too comes with front ventilation can be installed flush with existing furniture or cabinets. Exact dimensions are 34 H x 23 D x 12 W inches.

We Like:

  • The 6 Beech wood ‘smooth-glide’ shelves are height adjustable to accommodate larger bottles.
  • Single zone compressor cooling is effective yet efficient
  • Digital control panel with Blue LED interior lighting
  • Temperature range of 40 to 66 F.
  • Door is reversible to suit your installation requirements
  • Locking mechanism to keep wine secure
  • Multi-layers tempered glass panels protect wine from harsh lighting and UV rays
  • Despite being compressor cooled, the unit produces very few vibrations and is fairly quiet.

We Don’t Like:

  • There is only one cooling zone. As you know, whites and reds are served at different temperatures and hence this cooler may not be suitable for everybody

If you are OK with just one temperature zone and have limited space, the NewAir AWR-190SB makes a really strong case for itself.

​6) NewAir AWR-290DB Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, 29 Bottle Capacity ​

NewAir Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, 29 Bottle Capacity Fridge with Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door, AWR-290DB

At just 15 inches wide, 34 inches tall and 23 inches deep, this wine cooler can be put under the counter or used as a stand-alone unit. Many people have put it in place of the trash compactor to jazz up their space.

We Like:

  • Adjustable beech wood shelves glide out smoothly.
  • Dual zone cooling. Upper zone is for white wine with a temperature range of 40 to 50 F while lower zone is for reds with a range of 50 to 66 F
  • Minimal vibrations to prevent the sediment of wine from being disturbed. Quiet operation – NewAir claims that noise does not go over 39 Decibels
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Reversible door gives added flexibility in terms of placement
  • Locking mechanism to keep collection safe
  • Tinted glass to limit UV ray penetration

We Don’t Like:

Hard to find fault with this one. It’s compact, looks beautiful, features dual zone cooling and can be placed almost anywhere. There are a few reports of quality niggles here and there but buyers can choose extended warranty for total peace of mind.

The AWR-290DB is a no-nonsense wine cooler from NewAir – it’s priced sweetly and offers a lot of value for the money.

​7) NewAir AWR-520SB Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, 52 Bottle Capacity ​

NewAir Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, 52 Bottle Capacity Fridge with Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door, AWR-520SB

​According to NewAir, this unit has a 10 year life expectancy, which, if true, offers a decent return on investment.

We Like:

  • Triple layer insulation to maintain ideal temperature for storing and ageing wine
  • Tinted glass panels to protect against harsh UV rays
  • Adjustable beech wood shelves look elegant and are highly functional
  • Can be installed flush with cabinets
  • Reversible door with lock
  • Easy to operate controls with digital display
  • Choose the perfect temperature for your wines, ranging from 40 F to as high as 66 F

We Don’t Like:

  • Dual zone cooling is dearly missed.

This model holds 52 bottles but it does not have separate temperature zones for red and white wine. Hence, we suggest opting for the NewAir AWR-1160 DB instead. It is not as compact as this one but offers more storage and has dual zone cooling. The reviews on that model are great too!

​8) NewAir AWB-360DB Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler​​, Holds 18 Bottles and 60 Cans

NewAir AWB-360DB Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator for Soda Beer or Wine, Holds 18 Bottles and 60 Cans

Thanks to front ventilation, this wine cum beverage cooler is suitable for free-standing as well as built-in installation. The unit has the coveted French door design – one vertical section is reserved for cans while the other one, for wines.

We Like:

  • Dual zone cooling with temperature range of 36 to 72 F. The colder zone can be used to store white wine (improvisation) as it is served at a lower temperature.
  • Compressor cooling with easy to use push buttons and digital display
  • Cool blue internal lighting, chrome plated racks for cans, smooth-gliding wire shelves for wine bottles.
  • Shelves are adjustable and extend fully to allow for convenient loading and unloading of bottles
  • Lockable door keeps drinks out of reach of nosy teenagers and children

We Don’t Like:

  • Even though NewAir is quite a reliable brand in most cases, this particular unit cannot be classified as reliable as it has had several quality niggles.

Even though the specs and features seem good on paper, this model does not have a good track record in the real world. Hence, we recommend that you avoid this one and go for a different wine and beverage cooler instead.

We hope that you enjoyed going through the top NewAir wine cooler reviews. This website also has detailed info on other brands such as Danby, Vinotemp, EdgeStar and Avanti. Feel free to take a look at those too. EdgeStar has some really good models at a great price.

If you’re planning a party or a date, you might also want to check out our favorite wine cocktail recipes in the blog. We guarantee that you’ll get lots of compliments.

Please enjoy wine responsibly 🙂

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