Vinotemp Wine Cooler Reviews – We Pick the Top 5 in The USA!

Vinotemp Wine Cooler Reviews

In this post, we're going to give our Vinotemp Wine Cooler Reviews, and cover what we feel are the top 5 in the USA!

​Established in 1985 in Los Angeles, California, Vinotemp is a leading manufacturer of wine cabinets, wine coolers and other kitchen appliances. 

Over the past 3 decades, more than one million Vinotemp Wine Coolers have been sold in the US and in other countries. The company was founded by Francis Ravel – a man deeply passionate about wine. 

​The Vinotemp line-up features some really stylish and feature-loaded wine coolers

​The ​Top 5 Vinotemp Wine Coolers

​​1) Vinotemp VNTVT-28-2Z-SSDST 28-Bottle Dual-Zone Connoisseur Series Wine Cooler:

Vinotemp 28 Bottle

This 28 bottle wine cooler features a contemporary stainless steel design. It has dual zone cooling with a temperature range of 40 to 72 F.

We Like:

  • Can be used as a free-standing unit or built into a cabinet.
  • Touch Screen control panel is intuitive and user friendly
  • Has a dynamic as well as a silent mode – Do you want fast chilling or do you prefer pin drop silence?
  • Blue LED lighting looks cool and futuristic
  • Honeycomb grill looks neat. Door lock ensures that your wine stays secure at all times.
  • Shelves are adjustable and have a stainless steel lip to keep bottles securely in place.
  • Insulated glass door – dual panes keep heat out and let you show off your budding wine collection.

We Don’t Like:

  • Just one door for both temperature zones. No separate doors for red and white wines. 
  • Pricey for a 28 bottle wine cooler.

This is an efficient and good-looking wine cooler but the Bordeaux2H model mentioned above offers a lot more bang for your buck. 

​2) Vinotemp Vt-bordeaux2h 84 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Tower:

 Vinotemp Vt-bordeaux2h 84 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Tower With Right Hinge - Glass Doors / Wood Cabinet

This is a larger-than-average (by wine cooler standards), free-standing wine cooler and hence suitable for medium sized wine collections. The hallmark of this model is the premium wooden exterior that lends it a dash of old world charm.

The unit features a hybrid cooling system powered by thermoelectric technology. This means that there are minimal vibrations (as it’s not compressor cooled) and next to no noise.

We Like:

  • Dual zone for red and white wines. Each compartment has a separate door and independent temperature control.
  • Custom built wine cooler. Bespoke wooden panels glide smoothly. Gives owners boasting rights!
  • Classy interior lights
  • Capacity to hold up to 84 bottles. Size does matter.
  • Evergreen design makes it suitable for almost any interior

We Don’t Like:

  • Since this is a custom built wine cooler, it commands a waiting period of 4 to 6 weeks
  • Unit cannot be integrated into an already existing cabinet. It is meant for free-standing installation only.

Price is a bit on the higher side. You might have to stretch your budget a bit.

By no means is the Vinotemp Vt-bordeaux2h wine cooler a substitute for a full-fledged walk in wine cellar but it certainly is the next best thing. It Gives the feel of a proper ‘cellar’ without breaking the bank.

3) Vinotemp VNTVT-26SB-ID 26-Bottle Wine Cooler with Interior Display:

This compact and practical wine cooler features a front exhaust that makes it suitable as an under-counter or freestanding unit.

We Like:

  • Looks really fresh. Incorporates stainless steel, black cabinet and wire racks with wooden lips. The unit blends seamlessly into just about any style of interior.
  • Compressor cooled with a temperature range of 45 to 65 F, which is the ideal temperature for storing wine.
  • Dual glass panes on door to aid in insulation while showcasing the wine collection
  • Push button temperature controls with LED display
  • LED lighting is not too harsh – this protects the wine.

We Don’t Like:

  • No Dual Zone Cooling! As you already know, white wine is served at a lower temperature than reds. Dual zone cooling is dearly missed. 
  • Compression cooled is always a way bit noisier than thermoelectric.

This 26 bottle unit is aesthetic and efficient. The lack of dual zone cooling is the only chink in its armor. 

4) Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE 7-Bottle Mirrored Refrigerator, Wine Cooler:


This model has a striking, sleek design with a patent-pending mirror finish. What it lacks in size, it makes up in terms of its glamorous appeal.

We Like:

  • Mirrored trim does indeed look quite exciting and unique. Will definitely peak the curiosity of guests. 
  • Black cabinet with wire shelves to hold bottles securely in place
  • Soft interior lighting
  • Very compact size – can be built into cabinets or used as a free-standing unit
  • Touch screen controls with a temperature range of 40 to 72 F.
  • Features dynamic and silent modes.

We Don’t Like:

  • Due it’s limited wine storing capacity, this models tends more towards a show-piece than a wine cooler. 
  • Does not have dual zone cooling for red/white wine

This wine cooler looks fabulous but it is probably not suitable for wine collectors with a larger collection. On the other hand, if you’re just starting out with wine and want a swanky unit that commands attention – this might just fit the bill perfectly. 

5) Vinotemp IL-OW004 Il Romanzo 4-Bottle Open Wine Cooler:


The Il Romanzo can chill only 4 wine bottles but on the plus side, it occupies very little space. Now many people would rather chill wine in the food refrigerator than invest in a 4 bottle wine cooler. But then, a true wine aficionado would not do that as wine is served at a higher temperature than is maintained in conventional fridges.

We Like:

This is A no-nonsense wine cooler. Does what it’s meant to do and does it well. Can be used for storing wine while drinking/entertaining to maintain serving temperature. So this is a handy unit even if you have an elaborate walk-in cellar. No need to place wine bottles on ice when throwing a party. 

  • Perfect for wine lovers with limited space. 
  • Incorporates thermoelectric technology, which means that it’s VERY quiet.
  • Touch screen digital controls. Temperature range is between 42.8 to 64.4 F.
  • Way cooler than the ubiquitous ice-bucket!
  • Take it on the road if needed (Bbq by the lake anyone?) Sometimes small size can be a big plus. 

We Don’t Like:

Does not accommodate bottles which are a bit wider at the bottom. For example: Certain types of sparkling wine bottles

The Il Romanzo is great for entertaining. It looks cute owing to its compact dimensions but if you’re looking to collect wines bottles and store them efficiently, you should look at something bigger. 

We hope that you found our Vinotemp ​Reviews helpful and informative. We have tons of wine cooler reviews featuring top models from major brands such as Avanti, EdgeStar, Danby, NewAir and so on. We have done all the research to help you to find the perfect wine cooler for your needs!